Agriculture activity refers to the system of farming which involves keeping animals such as cows, goats, chickens and other domestic animals like dogs and cats and cultivation of various food and cash crops such as coffee, tea , bananas and sisal.  But within my area the most crops grown were tea and bananas.  This is because are climatic condition of the area favour the production of these crops as it is an equatorial type of climate.  The area receives heavy rainfall throughout the year.  During the month of June there is high cold.  Most of the farmers benefit once they sell their crops to the market as they get money and some of them trade for food such as beans and maize from the agriculture activities.

Many farmers have being faced with the problem of poor markets (international markets) to sell their crops but our government have decided to make some organization which collect (buying) crops from the farmers and selling to the world markets.  Also farmers have been facing the problem of poor infrastructures such as road and ports to transport their crops from the interior part of the farms to the market area or industrial areas.

Our government and various NGOs non government organization have make an effort of improving our infrastructures such as roads and ports including TANROAD (Tanzania road maintenance) and FASTJET (air way company).

Different organization and institutes have taken part in providing education to the farmers on how they can cultivate and get much profit from their crops.   Also our President Hon Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete and other leaders of our country make some policies which influence more production within our country.  Tanzania’s policy is "agriculture first".