Peter Mattey, Chairman of Belmont & South Cheam Residents Association states that: ‘After many years of waiting (I have letters in my files dating back to 2003!), we have finally made progress with putting Cheam back on the map from a postal address perspective.’ Cheam residents, Member of Parliament for Sutton and Cheam Paul Burstow, and the Sutton Guardian with its ‘Proud to be Cheam campaign’ have lead a vociferous fight to reinstate Cheam as a postal district. After much campaigning by local MP Paul Burstow, the initiative seemed be foundering back in 2011 due to a lack of details about exactly what area was to be considered to be Cheam. 

The Belmont & South Cheam Residents Association volunteered to help resolve this gridlock and have worked directly with the Royal Mail and the Council to define a practical boundary. This area is now confirmed and covers ‘over 10,000 addresses and over 300 postcodes.’ If within the Cheam boundary, you should by now have received a letter from the Royal Mail informing you of the change and Paul Burstow congratulating you!

The addition of Cheam to the address is perceived as beneficial to exploit its local differentiation and identity. It must be noted, however, that there is no change to the current postcode and that the use of Cheam remains optional as an addition to Sutton in your full address.  ‘For many residents, the change will have little effect as many people already use “Cheam” in their address and the post gets through largely because of the postcode.’ However, once the Royal Mail database is released, it will be possible to search for Cheam when using online websites – there is only one Cheam in the UK whereas there are 17 Suttons…

Definitely, a moment in history for a community dating back to the 6th century. We have seized back Cheam’s identity and heritage. Congratulations!