Sri Ghanapathy Temple, a Hindu temple that provides an intergrated approach for the devotees so that it is not only a religiously based temple for Hindus, but a temple that fulfils the needs of everyone within the community- even those who aren’t Hindus. Ever since the temple (formerly a Christian Church and community centre) opened 32 years ago in 1981, it has made a positive impact on the local community through the numerous facilities and opportunities that the temple has opened to the local people- especially the children who have learnt vital Hindu teachings and life skills from this place of worship.

The interior design of the temple is very similar to the structure of the Church since the shape of the building wasn’t changed when the building became a Temple. The reconstruction will be based on the style of the traditional South Indian temples and beautifully intricate sculptures and images of the Hindu Gods will add to the splendour of the renovated temple.

For the residents of Merton borough, like myself,  the Temple is a well-known building in the heart of Wimbledon and is a very special part of the community. The importance of the Temple in the community is clearly shown on the day of the Chariot Festival (held in August) when chariots carrying Gods from the temple are taken around the roads nearby. This is one of many days when the Temple community and the local community unite to celebrate the community spirit that is shared within those living in Merton.

Therefore it can be said that the renovation of the Temple will be an iconic and much-awaited development for the devotees that go to the Temple but also for the local residents, especially for those who may have seen the establishment of the Temple take place 32 years ago.