Her beautiful bleach blonde locks fall precariously down her skinny shoulders. Her skeletons legs prance around your carpet dragging envy and intimidation into your home. Her pink ways are drummed in to young girl’s heads as normal! Is this the role model we want for the youth of our world? She says life is your creation, thank goodness she’s got one thing right she is a creation: a creation of hatred; a creation of a false image; a creation of commercial clones. Barbie is the criminal of the toy world and she should be banned, is she really the companion you believed she was.

Looking at yourself in the mirror and you sigh. Looking at that blinding smile and treacherous eyes and you sigh. Looking at her expensive clothes and glittery handbags and you sigh. In fact 92% of girls I asked were jealous and intimidated of their Barbie as a young girl. Your doll should be your best company not your enemy. Small girls are being dominated by this crewel creature resulting in a society of expectations. If you have scrawny legs and blue eyes you are classified as fashionable. Rivalry is staring as girls compete to look and act like a Barbie doll. She is becoming so sly that girls don’t want to just play with her they want to be her; Barbie is sneaking into your home and brain washing your girls to trust that the more Barbies they buy the more they will be drawn into her world. Some may argue that this is all part of your childhood but is pressure and discrimination really a part of your childhood?

As appearance becomes an obsession in our society, eating disorders such as anorexia are growing to be a huge problem. Did you know that if a Barbie was a real person she wouldn’t be able to stand as her legs are too skinny, her stomach is too small and her bust is too wide! She is leading girls to believe that their bodies just aren’t good enough. Anorexia is usually the greatest problem for girls 13-20 but could this misleading definition of beautiful be down to this fake fierce foe? I know as a girl, I couldn’t understand why my doll was so dazzling and I would do anything for her radiant features. 3.6 million dolls were sold world-wide last year so imagine of all those young girls thinking exactly the same thing. Did you know that 1 in 5 girls that are diagnosed with anorexia die? Not only is she intimidating girls she is murdering them.

It certainly is not difficult to say that Barbie is the opposite of intelligent. We’ve all grown to love her dithery and dumb ways but why? We want, we need and we should have a respectable role model. We have the power to do so but why do we always turn back to Barbie? No girl in England will ever achieve looking up to her for their inspiration! She teaches us no morals apart from setting your hearts desires on your appearance, pinkness and plastic. On the other hand some may say that she’s just a bit of girly fun and what harm can than that do? My answer would be a shield of spray tan hides a multitude of sins. Why not have caring, intelligent, creative figures as our young role modes?

Just two syllables can turn any girl’s eyes emerald. Barbie is a hazard: she’s destroying minds; she’s killing girls with her emaciated figure; she is an intimidation but we need to stand up. Let’s bin the Barbies and live in a better place. A quote from the culprit herself “I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, a life in plastic it’s fantastic you can brush my hair undress me anywhere imagination life is your creation” just listen to those false words of utter deception. But let me ask you, why is it you know them so well?