Although we might be blessed with the once in a twenty minute opportunity that is the K3 bus service, as well as a twice an hour service to Waterloo or Guildford, the residents of Hinchley Wood are a little unsettled by the slightly unreliable train and bus service.

Ask any public transport loving villager of Hinchley Wood and you will get a similar response – or so I thought. I took to the streets (or rather, stood on the station for a bit) and asked the community, shall we put Hinchley Wood on the map in zone six?

After the false dawn of covered up readers that actually are suitable for a non-Oyster card scheme, there were a lot of views on the platform.

Mostly, I had a very enthusiastic response. The idea of being able to hop on the train quickly without faffing around with a ticket machine was very appealing “I could even catch the news headlines on Radio 4 in the morning without missing the 8:07!”

Some also mentioned that it would put Hinchley Wood in line with other stations in the local area – Thames Ditton and Hampton Court are in Zone 6, so why are we left out?

I also spoke to some students who, like myself, do not get free bus travel as we do not go to college or school, nor live inside the exclusive travel Zone. Whilst our friends can joyride from bus service to bus service, we don’t have that luxury. Although it’s a reduced price, 65p can buy all sorts of things (*cough* Mars bars) and so our friends can max out their chocolate budget!

This affects both students at Hinchley Wood School and Esher College, whose journeys could potentially be made cheaper and easier.

However, some weren’t so sure. What about the people parking across my drive? – A common complaint from the homeowners of the roads near the station such as Eastmont Road. The increased appeal will mean more passengers, and so I’m even less likely to get a seat?

So what do you think? Join the debate in the comments below.