If I asked you to think of someone who changed the world, someone who changed society for the better, whose name would you come up with?
Mahatma Gandhi? Martin Luther King? Nelson Mandela?  Fair enough.
They were arguably some of the most influential and prominent leaders our world has ever witnessed.


But there is one figure in history who gave the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. One figure, who may not be as well known, but had a such a colossal impact on the world at large, that his name lives on until today, despite the fact that he died over 1300 years ago. This one figure is Husayn ibn Ali.



Today, he is a comparatively less prominent figure, but by no means a less influential one. Mahatma Gandhi said:

“I learnt from Hussain how to achieve victory while being oppressed.”

So was he? The man who inspired Gandhi himself?


Hussain campaigned against the oppression of his time, and made a stand for what he believed in. In the process, he and his 72 companions were killed by an army of 30,000, as well the women and children of his camp being taken prisoner. But through his stand, he preserved the concept of justice, equality and freedom, and his legacy remains to this day, where people all around the world strive to emulate the timeless example of Hussain ibn Ali.



The Who Is Hussain Campaign is new initiative that aims to shed light on the life of Hussain. This campaign has no religious, political, or monetary aspirations: it simply aims to inspire you to become a better person, using the eternal example of Hussain.

From the 7th November – 26th November 2012, posters about the Who is Hussain Campaign were displayed at 25 different London Underground Stations, as well as 60 London Buses in Westminster,which are still displaying the poster for 6 weeks beginning from 14th November – 28th December 2012.
To find out more about this inspirational figure, you can visit the website http://www.whoishussain.org/

The Campaign is also being promoted on Twitter, you can follow @WhoIsHussain and tweet under the hashtag #whoishussain.

I urge you to look into this noble character, because there truly was none other like him.