Former Sutton United goalie Wayne Shaw lapped up Southampton fans’ pie chants as he recreated famously eating a pie during the U's FA Cup match against Arsenal on a coach journey to Wembley for the the Saint's EPL Cup final tie against the Manchester United.

The 46-year-old was in his element as supporters chanted “It weren’t a pie, it was a pasty and Shaw goes marching on, on, on” on a coach heading to the capital on Sunday, February 26.

He then signalled for the lads to make more noise before he got out a savoury snack and held it triumphantly in front of his mouth.

Mr Shaw is to be investigated by the Gambling Commission after he ate a pasty during Sutton’s FA Cup loss to the Gunners in the fifth-round of the competition.

The 23-stone stopper later acknowledged he knew days-old sponsor SunBets had promoted an 8/1 bet on the 46-year-old eating a pie during the match while being interviewed on TV promgramme This Morning on Tuesday, February 21.

Mr Shaw gained a cult following after BBC camera operators filmed him during the U’s fourth-round match against Leeds United on Sunday, January 29.

The ‘roly-poly goalie’ was a member of Southampton’s famous youth academy where he trained as a striker alongside former-England captain, Alan Shearer

The Southampton faithful may have been less enthusiastic on the journey home, however, as the Saints lost the final 3-2 to the Red Devils.

He was approached by the Sutton Guardian for comment following his resignation, but did not want to comment.