This weekend's match in the England Handball Women's Southern Division was between Great Dane Handball Club from Leyton and local Thames Handball Club.

Thames, comprised of new players almost throughout the team with little match experience, started the match well managing to surprise the Great Dane players surging ahead 5-1 in the first 10 minutes. Great Dane soon regained their composure and got it back to level, midway through the first half.

Great Dane managed to bring their play maker Anne Kandler more into play and many of their goals came from their back court players, whereas on Thames' side, new signing Maria Kourdoulos managed time and again to threaten from the left wing and was on occasion only stoppable by fouls resulting in 7m penalties.

The half time score of 16-15 in favour of Great Dane reflected very fairly much of the action on both sides of the court.

In the second half, both teams tried to gain advantages and several fast breaks from Great Danes lead to a 4-goal advantage but tactical changes, including man marking the playmaker and most prolific scorer, helped contain the danger from the back court for a while.

Thames, however missed many chances by giving the ball away too soon or by individual action, trying shots without having created clear scoring opportunities.

Many of their shots being deflected by the Great Dane defence or parried by their in-form goalkeeper Daniela Coelho.

Final score was 29-25 for Great Dane Handball Club with top scorers Anne Kandler (10), followed by Mariana Huisquara (6); Delphine Morel and Alesandra Garaloska (each on 4).

On Thames' side it was Maria Kourdoulos (8) followed by Olimpia Lopes da Veira (7) and Anine Hansen (5).

Next weekend will see a local derby with Thames H.C. playing Olympia H.C. from Crystal Palace.