Twickenham rower Karl Hudspith's Oxford Unversity crew will have a signifciant weight disadvantage when they line-up for the 158th Xchanging Boar Race next month.

The light Blues tipped the scales at an an average of 7.9kg heavier per man than the dark Blues at the offical weigh-in and crew announcement today.

Oxford president Hudspith's crew weigh a combined total of 707.6kg - excluding the cox - while Cambridge came in at 770.4kg.

The official crews for the 2012 Xchanging Boat Race are as follows: CAMBRIDGE.

Bow: Moritz Schramm – 91.8kg.

2: Jack Lindeman – 94.6kg.

3: Mike Thorp – 91.8kg.

4: David Nelson – 92.8kg.

5: Alexander Scharp – 95.6kg.

6: Steve Dudek – 109.6kg.

7: Alex Ross – 102kg.

Stroke: Niles Garratt – 92.2kg.

Cox: Ed Bosson – 55.6kg.


Bow: Alexander Woods – 77.8kg.

2: William Zeng – 82.4kg.

3: Kevin Baum – 91.6kg.

4: Hanno Wienhausen – 93.6kg.

5:Karl Hudspith – 91.2kg.

6: Alex Davidson – 94.6kg.

7: Dan Harvey – 79.6kg.

Stroke: Roel Haen – 96.8kg.

Cox: Zoe De Toledo – 49.6kg.