The table tennis section at Twickenham Brunswick has achieved some great results in the past few weeks.

Firstly they completed their national cadet league program based at Ellenborough Enfield where the 1st team in Division 1 ended in third place on equal points with the runners up Ellenborough A, while the third team went one better winning silver medals as runners-up in Division 2.

Congratulations should go to the medal winning squad that included Finlay Feil, Joseph Farren and Hardeep Dhaliwal all still under 11, supported by Rhiannon Folan, Sachin Kumar and Matej Remen.

Then last week a squad of players from the club, supported by Marcus Giles of Greenhouse Progress, represented the South and West Middlesex League and reached the final of the Russel Grant, Junior Inter-League, Middlesex Cup.

In so doing they beat the teams from Harrow and Wembley and Staines who had been winners of the cup for the last ten years, and North Middlesex 2.

In the final they met the winners of the other group, North Middlesx 1 team which included players ranked 16, 60 and 112 in England at U.18 and their female player ranked 24 in England Cadets. Again congratulations should go to David and Charlie Rahbani, Tom Bell, Rhiannon Folan and Marcus Giles who performed outstandingly to take the runners up trophies.

However these achievements were surpassed by the National Junior League Division 1 squad of David Rahbani, Charlie Rahbani , Tom Bell, and Jack Tubby, who maintained their top of the table position winning Gold medals and National Junior League Division 1 Champions for 2011 based at the West London Academy.

The Twickenham Brunswick team were pushed hard all the way to the end by a very strong Harefield Academy team.