Blake Aldridge has won the European Cliff Diving Championships for the second year running.

The 28 year-old, who trains with Crystal Palace Diving Club, won gold at the event in Switzerland on Saturday largely thanks to his first round 20m dive scoring 136.475 points, 38 points clear of the next highest scoring dive.

"I can tell you 10m is high enough but when you get to 20m it's a totally different mindset, feeling and speed that you hit the water," said Aldridge.

"When you get it right it's such a thrilling feeling, when you're spinning around and pick up so much speed the wind is blowing past your ears - it's brilliant.

"I am used to a swimming pool, indoor or outdoor, but this is paradise and I guess we are all here and blessed we can dive in this environment.

"It's such a beautiful place."