On another beautiful spring weekend there were loads of Sutton Runners out racing again.

In the inaugural Brighton Marathon Sutton had 6 runners with PBs for no less than 4 of them namely Joe Farrugia, Gill Fry, Lynn Hickey and Andrew Bartley. There were over 7426 finishers. Darren Ford finished a very credible 234th in a time of 3 hrs 17m 04s. Full Results Below http://brightonmarathon.co.uk/ On Sunday 10 Sutton Runners took part in the Thames Towpath 10, with Tony Moorhouse, Michael Barber and Darrin Ford achieving PB's. Full Results Below http://www.sportsystems.co.uk/ss/results/Thames%20Towpath%2010/ On Saturday several members ran the 5km parkrun event with Tony Bannister and Darrin Ormston achieving PBs. http://www.parkrun.org.uk/banstead-woods/Home.aspx Brighton Marathon - Sunday 18th April http://brightonmarathon.co.uk/ Darran Ford 3.17.04 234th Joe Farrugia 4.00.25 1993rd PB Gill Fry 4.17.05 2844th PB Lynn Hickey 4.23.03 3185th PB Andrew Bartley 4.24.15 3618th PB Therese Panetta 4.27.48 3728th Thames Towpath 10 Miles - Sunday 18th April http://www.sportsystems.co.uk/ss/results/Thames%20Towpath%2010/ Tony Moorhouse 1.08.04 55th Graham Miller 1.09.00 57th Michael Barber 1.11.51 90th James Barber 1.14.39 129th Lauren Jones 1.14.43 130th Jenny Sinfield 1.16.31 155th Jim Mundy 1.16.41 158th Gina Burbidge 1.17.19 165th Darrin Ormston 1.20.01 191st Mark Aldred 1.24.01 251st Claire Ballhatchet 1.28.43 311th The Sutton Runners 10k takes place on 2nd May You can enter at suttonrunners.org