Kingston-based Thames Handball Club side faced National Division One South leaders Great Danes (London) determined to show that they are no walk-over, even for an Euopean Challenge Cup experienced side like Great Dane.

With no substitutes on the bench due to a string of injuries and the holiday season, the 6 Thames field players defended courageously and kept the score within 1 or 2 goals for the first 15 minutes.

Just before the halfway mark, Great Dane increased the tempo and went into the break 17:12 in the lead.

In the second half the inevitable win by Great Dane was hardly in doubt, but Thames' defence continued to hold well.

Thames' goalkeeper, Bruno Lasserre, intercepted two Fast Breaks successfully by coming out half-way into the court to dwarf Great Dane's attempt to outrun tired legs.

An injury in the final 8 minutes limited the Thames side to 5 players only, which Great Dane took advantage of adding 3 quick goals to bring the final score to 31:20.

Man of the match was Cedric Pernet of Great Dane.

Top scorer was Martin Kubisa with 5 goals for great Dane H..C., and Andrei Ihnatsyeu and Andrei Swistunou with 5 goals each from Thames H.C.