Hounslow Wheelers Paul Innes and Wouter Sybrandy teamed up to take second place overall in the Redmon Grand Prix des Gentlemen, an unusual but prestigious time trial, on Sunday.

Their time was 36 minutes 10 seconds.

A little explanation of this race is necessary. The competitors ride in teams of two, one of each pair must be a veteran (40 plus years of age), who is the gentleman.

The other rider is the pacer and he rides the 15.4-mile course with the gentleman sheltering behind him in his slipstream.

There are prizes for actual fastest and best veteran on standard.

At 44 years of age, Innes was far too youthful to have any hope of the veterans’ prize – 71-year-old John Woodburn (VC Meudon) was only three minutes slower in 39. 03, so he had no alternative but to go for the actual fastest.

With thanks to Sybrandy, made a pretty good try at it. It should be mentioned that Sybrandy has been a sponsored rider in the Sigma Sport team this year, but he has retained his second claim membership of the Hounslow club.

Result: 1. Richard Prebble/ Ben Instone (G.S. Strada/ Scientific Coaching) 33.41(event record), 2. Paul Innes/ Wouter Sybrandy (Hounslow/Sigma Sport) 36.10, 3. M. Deen/S. Ader (Redmon C.C./ A3crg) 36.11, 4. D. Lowe/G. Brent (Addiscombe C.C.) 36.33, 5. A. Bee/P. Burrows (Kent Cycles) 37.03.

Meanwhile, the last west London 25 of the season was held at Hillingdon, and was supported by four Hounslow members.

The overall winner was Barry Charlton (Lyme RC), who clocked 51.14.

Hounslow times: Rob Gilmour 57.29, Damian Poulter 59.28, David George 1.01.13, Neil Holdsworth 1.03.40.