The German School London, based in Richmond, were beaten in the semi-finals of the ISSA U18 Men's Volleyball Tournament at Bilkent International School featuring eight teams from across Europe.

In their group games, they beat the American School of Madrid 2-0 and host team Bilkent 2-1, but were pipped 2-1 by favourites St Dominic's of Lisbon.

That led to a semi-final clash with the International School of Aberdeen, which saw the German School win the first set 25-22, but they were pipped 25-21 in the second and 15-10 in the third. The team is coached by Richmond School of Volleyball.

Team: Alexander Meinhardt, Frederic Schlichter, Gernot-Sebastian Haase, Mauricio Zagatta, Moritz Boecher, Moritz Giller, Paul Lessing, Sebastian Weinmann, Simon Graw (Cpt), Tim Schrader, David Rijvers (Coach) and Marianne Eales (Team Manager).

Team Player of the Tournament: Frederic Schlichter. Most Improved Player of the Tournament: Moritz Giller.