Watching the razzmatazz that surroundings a world title boxing fight on television, it is easy to forget there are two sportspeople in the ring under the bright lights.

Not only have they put their bodies on the line to reach this stage, they have also put their mental state through metaphoric sparring sessions.

Getting into the ring to fight is one thing, controlling the pumping adrenalin of the ringwalk is something else.

And just imagine if it was your first world title fight, in front of the Sky Sports cameras and on one of the biggest fight nights of the year.

BOXING: World title success is written in Charlie Edwards' stars

That is what faces Charlie Edwards on Saturday when he challenges John Riel Casimero for the IBF World flyweight title at the O2 Arena.

But 23-year-old Edwards is not only confident of victory, he also knows how to keep his feet on the ground come fight day – from the moment he wakes up, to the moment he leaves the dressing room.

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Showtime: Charlie Edwards

He said: “Saturday is very much the calm before the storm – I have to do an IBF weight check because you can only out on 10lbs from the day before.

“Then it’s a breakfast of porridge and coffee, followed by scrambled eggs on toast and hash browns about 40 minutes later.

“I get time to chill and relax with my team, go for a walk to get some oxygen in, then put my feet up again, listen to some music.

“Lunch is something light like fish and rice, maybe some vegetables, then walk it off, get oxygen back in, and then chill, have a laugh and crack with the boys who are here.

“As soon as it time to leave for the venue, it is mind on the job, it is show-time.”

Edwards has been boxing for 12 years through the amateur scene, on the international stage in the Commonwealth Games and as a pro since January last year.

It all means he has developed some affectations come fight night.

“I listen to the music I use through training, music that means something to me – it can be chilled out or some dance music,” he said.

“My only superstition is that I put my left glove on first, I cannot tie it up obviously but I’ll put on and then let my trainer pull it on.

“Before I leave for the ring-walk, I kiss one glove, kiss the other glove, punch the air and say ‘Showtime’.”

Most boxers prefer not to talk about after the fight, but when it comes to food, Edwards lets his body do the talking.

“After the fight, I make it up – sometimes I don’t even eat because the adrenalin is still pumping and it is not on your mind to eat,” he said.

“You’ve put your body through hell and sometimes you feel a bit sick, so often you don’t want anything to eat straightaway.”

He added: “But the following day, I like to have an Indian – it’s my cheap celebration meal. I am a typical Englishman and with my chicken tikka-masala.”

The public weigh in takes place at the indigo at the O2 Arena from 12pm today (Friday), and the fight will be on Sky Sports Box Office.