Craig "Spider" Richards wants a title shot after breezing through his latest outing at York Hall.

The 26-year-old super-middleweight prospect from Crystal Palace posted his fourth victory after stopping Essex man Richard Horton in the first round.

Soon after he got up from a first knockdown, Horton failed to get up second time round when Richard delivered a perfectly executed uppercut.

“I wanted to make a statement and I knew I was going to do that,” said Richards.

“I sat down with Peter Sims and worked out a game plan and then I executed it.

“We work hard in the gym all the time and we have to improve.”

And Richards has issued a message to all of the current domestic super-middleweight title holders.

"If you're a super-middleweight then you're on my list,” he warned. “We're looking for titles.

“That's what we're after so the only thing I can advise is that if you don't want to fight me, vacate when I come up."