Last weekend’s meeting at Wimbledon stadium was a double header for the bangers with drivers scrapping for every point in round 14 of the Winter Banger League, and also competing for the London Championship in the final race of the evening.

Craig "Nippy" Hook proved once again that when there is a title on the line in a one-off race, he has the pure straight line speed and the necessary guile to roll with the chaos around him.

Just as with the Suffolk title last year, when it comes to the final reckoning, not only is he in the mix, but more often than not it is him taking the chequered flag.

With a performance way beyond his young years, the former kart racer showed a clean pair of heels to his more experienced peers, to lift the London Championship trophy for the first time.

Former 2013 track champion Rob Haines, continued his recent return to form with a 16-point haul through two heat wins that has shot him up to third place in the table almost unnoticed.

Of those local drivers highlighted last week, only the crash happy Steve Penfold managed to secure any points of note, but he finished the night with just a disappointing fifth and sixth in the heats.

Meanwhile, the continuing team tactics of The Dreamers team has proven very effective in protecting their man’s chances of lifting this season’s title.

Your Local Guardian:

Winner: Craig "Nippy" Hook won the London Championship trophy

With just one regular round remaining this evening (March 15), and then the grand final next week, where double points will be available on every race, the capital’s Reece Priestly has a virtually unassailable lead at the top and surely now must be the certain winner, barring a personal catastrophe.

Joining the bangers this evening are the superstox who will be competing in round two of their series.

Growing in popularity are the rookie rods, who return this Sunday. They have simply been superb in their support of winter racing at Wimbledon, but with so many wet outings in the capital they will hopefully get a dry track for a change.

Completing the line-up is the brand new formula for 2015, the junior Micra stock cars. This will be only their second appearance, both being at Wimbledon stadium.

Racing starts at 5.30pm with turnstiles open at 4.30pm.