As Reece Priestly extended his lead at the top of the Banger Winter League during the latest round at Wimbledon stadium, maverick driver Steve Penfold found himself facing a dilemma – be a wrecker or a winner.

Sport is full of clichés, with the hard-hitting world of banger racing being no different.

Often you will hear it said of a driver in a dismissive way: “He’ll never change. Leopards don’t change their spots.”

Currently such reference is being made by both rivals and spectators, about perennial "bad boy" Penfold.

As captain of The Boyz racing team from Leatherhead, he is well known for leading from the front in every skirmish.

So much so, that earlier in the season he was described by a fellow driver as "Spedeworth’s dirtiest driver", but things seem to have changed of late for the ever-present Penfold.

Last season, The Boyz team were embroiled in an on-track feud with another local outfit, The Southern Bandits.

Each race at every meeting had the teams solely concentrated with removing the opposition from the fray, which provided great entertainment for the crowd.

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Winning habit: Steve Penfold from Leatherhead

With the Bandits not in attendance so much this year, The Boyz have at times had to look further for their victims.

In this fluid situation, being an experienced driver, Penfold has frequently found himself in contention for a win.

Indeed, in recent weeks he has recorded three wins, one of which was a final scoring him double points.

Don’t be under any illusions though, as he is still shunting and wrecking as he goes, but he has added an extra dimension to his racing under the Plough Lane lights.

How long before he reverts to his destructive type full time is anybody’s guess, but in the meantime he seems to be enjoying his moments of success.

Including the results from round 10, current leader Priestly has pushed his total onto 188 points, and now holds a 34-point lead ahead of rival Rob Barnes.

Dan Bramwell sits in third spot, while Penfold is fourth, just in front of James Vockins.

Among the four formulas racing this Sunday evening, there is something very special.

Spedeworth’s newest formula, Junior Stock Cars, makes its debut for its first ever race, not just in the capital but anywhere.

Good luck to all the youngsters, as they start their new racing careers.

Racing starts at 5.30pm with turnstiles open at 4.30pm.

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Debut: The Junior Stock Cars is Spedeworth's latest racing formula