Chris McGinn says money is not the reason he has stepped down as manager of Carshalton Athletic, rather interference in the running of the first team.

The former Arsenal and Chelsea coach replaced Matt Howard as manager at Colston Avenue at the end of January.

He became the club’s seventh manager in four seasons, and his reign lasted only 14 games after he and chairman Paul Dipre could not agree terms for next season.

McGinn said: “I want to state that this is not about money, it was more about the way in which the team will operate and certain conditions that I cannot work under.

“For me to work somewhere, I need to feel trusted, valued and respected, and without that I cannot work there. That’s the bottom line.”

Since Dipre stood down from the manager’s role in 2012, five managers have been sacked, with McGinn the first to step down.

McGinn, who has also coached at Wigan, Fulham and QPR in a career spanning more than 20 years, had been confident of an assault on the Ryman Division One South title next season.

“The fans, players and staff at the club are brilliant, and I am convinced we would have had a push to win the title next season, so it is a shame negotiations could not be ironed out,” he said.

“I have genuinely enjoyed every minute I have been at the club, and the players have played some of the best football I have seen in a long time.

“They had really brought into what we were trying to do and the way we wanted to play.”

The Robins announced McGinn's departure on Twitter, saying "We regret to announce that we have been unable to agree terms with @ChrisMcginn123 for next season - as a result Chris has stepped down", and as yet there is no news on a replacement.

Dipre said: "The relationship between an employee and an employer is private, and that should be respected by everyone.

"But we have big ambitions and big plans with a great team for next season, so it is all guns blazing."

McGinn says he is looking to get straight back on the football bike and has some irons in the fire.

He said: “I have had a couple of phone calls from clubs in much higher leagues, so I will see where that goes.

“I want to get back to it, so whichever club I am at we can work over the summer and hit the ground running next season.”