“That was the best Chelsea team of the season,” said Jose Mourinho after the Blues left White Hart Lane with an away point few had predicted.

As Spurs are the in-form side, and Chelsea this season’s surprise strugglers, a goalless draw and a third clean sheet on the spin represented real achievements.

But the fact that the manager described last weekend’s line-up as his best was a further slap in the face to unused sub Diego Costa, who is now so fed up with life at Stamford Bridge that he is expected to pack his suitcase next month.

His half-hearted touchline warm-up, his sulky body language on the bench, and the fact that he flung his Barbie-pink bib at the gaffer when it became clear he wasn’t even going to come on for the dying moments all spoke volumes.

Instead, Eden Hazard busied about up front, with the equally mercurial Pedro and the nippy imp Willian providing distraction and inspiration just behind.

The trio linked together beautifully, and while actual shots on target were thin on the ground, this was as good as 0-0 scorelines get.

White Hart Lane is afflicted with a bizarre swirling pitchside wind, which circles anticlockwise inside the stadium, picking up crisp packets, carrier bags and other debris as it goes.

As the stadium is entirely enclosed, it magically conjures itself up with unexpected ferocity, then meekly subsides… not unlike Chelsea this season.

At times, Tottenham’s playing surface resembled the aftermath of Glastonbury.

Next up are Bournemouth, with the prospect of Thibaut Courtois back in contention as goalkeeper… just at the moment that Asmir Begovic seems to have come good.

That presents Jose with an interesting dilemma, although initially he may stick with Begovic at the Bridge on Saturday, and put Courtois between the sticks against Porto in the Champions League clash on Wednesday.

Chelsea are regaining confidence with every passing day.