Of the many characters that exist in modern-day football, David Luiz is certainly one of them.

His spitting image resemblance to The Simpsons character Sideshow Bob is one of his great, but comical characteristics. His atrocious defending as a centre-half is another.

His inclusion in last summer’s World Cup dream team and his £50m price tag following his transfer from Chelsea to Paris Saint-Germain are nothing less than a joke.

How he ever became the world’s most expensive defender is beyond me.

His inability to stick to his position in the back four, or mark a striker for 90 minutes without losing concentration, explain why he is not suited for this position.

And yet Chelsea made a mistake to let him go.

Luiz’s performance as a holding midfielder against his former club in Tuesday night’s Champions League match was excellent.

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His presence in the centre of midfield protected his side’s back four as he robbed the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Ramires of the ball on a number of occasions.

Like every PSG midfielder, Luiz occasionally struggled to deal with Chelsea’s high pressing, but along with Matuidi, he dictated PSG’s forward play and at times he was unstoppable on the ball.

He demonstrated his capabilities as a holding midfielder several times last season under Jose Mourinho, most memorably against Manchester City.

It was even Rafa Benitez who was the first to use him in that role at Chelsea.

He would certainly be a more reliable option than Ramires in that midfield.

If Luiz and Matic had lined up for Chelsea last night, I imagine PSG would have struggled to cope with them.

It makes me wonder why managers don’t use Luiz in that role more often.

It could prove decisive for PSG if he starts in midfield at Stamford Bridge in two weeks’ time.

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