Wimbledon were downed twice this week but shouldn't feel down heartened going into this Saturday's crucial League Two showdown with Burton - the side directly below them and under caretaker management.

The latest of two single-goal defeats occurred on top gun Jack Midson's return to Oxford's Kassam Stadium on Tuesday night.

Although Morgan's goal could have been avoided on 57 minutes (again, the story of the Dons campaign), in the first half they played some of their best football all season on an immaculate pitch for March - compared to the weekend conditions at Bristol Rovers.

Key decisions perhaps failed to go their way too, but they'll need to produce much more in the final third against the Brewers.

Wimbledon lost the battle at Bristol's Memorial Ground on Saturday, but in some aspects continued to win the war with themselves on a pitch similar to conditions faced by those at the Somme.

Admittedly, usually unsung-hero Yussuff shouldn't have let winger Carayol in just short of the half way line after 11 minutes and (through gritted teeth) finish superbly.

However, his manager Terry Brown saw some battling qualities in his current squad that he'll be hoping to form a stronger group for another shot at League Two, as the visitors looked like emerging with something from the quagmire of a rugby shared surface.

Dutch-born Pim Balkestein was again pretty "Gouda" and the big cheese in defence. The loanee continued to look "big, strong and nasty" - as described in the build-up by not so much midfield "ratter", but more midfield "drowned rat" Sammy Moore in terms of his appearance by full-time, having himself delivered another fully committed display.

If Martin O'Neill is still unable to deliver a taste of the first team back at The Stadium of Light for bundle of enthusiasm Billy Knott, we would hope the possibility of a season-long loan has already been looked into.

The same could be said of George Moncur, who came oh-so close for a share of the plunder at the Pirates, regarding his situation with Big Sam's 'Appy 'Ammers.

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