The Radio WDON team discuss Wimbledon's recent results in their first exclusive blog.

They say a week is a long time in politics. For Wimbledon fans, it’s been a long and painful week and might feel more painful and longer yet.

Saturday’s visit to struggling Hereford started brightly with chances created, yet the width of the post and two soft goals saw half time arrive trailing 2-0.

The thankfully prolific Jack Midson stole in later on to head home and halve the deficit but it wasn’t enough to prevent Hereford’s first home win since October.

Statistics and form can be a guide but they’re never certainties, this could have been a fixture for the Dons to gain some confidence and a point or three. It wasn’t to be and the Don’s recent meagre haul of points wasn’t added to.

Hereford didn’t celebrate in the same manner as all those years ago versus Newcastle, but you know those points really were welcomed.

The pitch is better now, not ideal but it’s the same for both sides and on the day, the Dons came runners up.

Tuesday saw Plymouth Argyle entertained at the Cherry Red Records Stadium, in front of a packed house on a cold March night.

The 710 travelling fans only had to wait 11 seconds before they could celebrate Bhasera’s placed header evading Seb Brown’s fingers and sneaking inside the far post. Before the game, much talk was made of getting a good start and building on it. How quickly that evaporated as we felt the force of a smack in the face and a clip round the ear in one moment.

Things got better as Jack Midson repeated his back post header routine and the flag was again raised to denote it had crossed the line and goal number 15 of the season arrived just before the break.

A good start to the second half was needed and Plymouth did indeed get it as the Dons’ defence parted, inviting Chadwick to drive low past Brown, further warming the 710. A few chances either end weren’t taken and full time announced another 2-1 defeat.

Dagenham and Redbridge are due on Saturday, another team in the lower places but a chance for the Dons to gain a double over them. On present form, it’s a hope more than a belief and the bottom places in the table are looming ever larger in the mirrors.

A few good results could turn that round, and hopefully WDON can broadcast them to the global listening family.

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