Danny Kedwell was AFC Wimbledon's promotion hero on Saturday but he was forced to miss most of the celebrations.

The Dons skipper stepped up to the plate to score the final penalty of the shoot-out that ensured the Dons' rise from the Combined Counties to the Football League in just nine seasons was complete, with a 4-3 penalty win against Luton Town in the Blue Square Premier play-off final.

His celebrations started almost before the ball hit the back of the net but, while his team-mates were drinking champagne and dancing gloriously to songs in the dressing rooms, Kedwell and Ricky Wellard were sat by themselves in a small room trying their best to go to toilet for a drugs test.

"I got out about 7.45pm and I didnt have any celebrations with the lads in the changing rooms," said the 27- year-old.

"It is terrible that I missed it and I was gutted but you have to do these things.

"It is always the way though when you need to go toilet you just cannot.

"I think I must have drunk four lites of water before I could go - which is probably why I couldn't get drunk as I then spent the whole night going."

Once he did rejoin the players they went back to the hotel for a buffet meal before heading out on the town in Manchester.

"It was a great night but I couldn't get drunk," said Kedwell.

"I was too happy and my adrenaline was still pumping and anything I drunk didn't effect me.

"We found a few people asleep on the sofa downstairs in the hotel when we got back.

"Toks (Rashid Yussuff) was one of them so we stole his shoes - he spent ages looking for them in the morning."

Kedwell has been the Dons' main penalty taker all season and had no qualms having the added pressure of being the last man to step up.

"I have always taken the fifth penalty since I was young - maybe I just like to be the glory person," he said.

"I knew I was going to score and didn't feel any pressure walking up to the kick.

"I blasted the last one against Rushden & Diamonds and it went in but the one before that I tried to place and the keeper almost got to so I didn't want to do that anymore.

"I was blasting them in training and no one ever got near them so I stuck to it.

"I have watched the goal a few times on television and it looks like I am off celebrating towards the fans before it hits the net.

"It was an incredible feeling and relief more than anything.

"The club deserves to be where they are now after what they have been put through."