Fulham Football Club players Jonathan Greening and Zoltan Gera made a surprise visit to young people from Hammersmith and Fulham after training on Monday. The 40 young students were taking part in the Positive Attitude for Young People (PAYP) scheme at the Henry Compton School in Fulham during the half-term week.

PAYP is a Hammersmith & Fulham borough project which provides young people with positive activities during school holidays. These young people have been recommended by their school to try to assist pupils in reaching a satisfactory level with their tuition.

Funded by the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Youth Commissioning Department and delivered by the FFC Foundation, this innovative scheme has added value to the Foundation’s existing education programmes which includes the highly successful Enterprise project, launched last year.

During the Monday session and throughout the week long scheme, pupils will work on a variety of exercises taken from Enterprise modules helping to improve their business, literacy and numeracy skills using football as a medium to learn. Sessions will focus on what is a business, objectives and roles, customers, products and services, advertising, customer service and complaints.

Zoltan and Jonathan were happy to lend their support during the afternoon as part of the Fulham Football Club Foundation’s commitment in helping to build better lives through sport by offering opportunities for life-long learning through innovative pathways which is precisely what PAYP aims to do.

Fulham FC’s Ambassador for Education, Jonathan Greening, said: “It’s fantastic to see the Club, through its Fulham FC Foundation, offering opportunities like PAYP during the school holidays. The groundwork for providing a learning environment is readily available and I have been encouraged to see that many of the local young people have been using their time here wisely, have taken ownership and become more responsible for their education which will certainly be beneficial to them when they return to school.”