The new co-chairman of Crystal Palace have revealed they would like to build a new home for the club and move it away from Selhurst Park.

On Thursday, Steve Parish and Martin Long made their first public appearance since rescuing the Eagles from the brink of extinction three weeks ago, when they unveiled former Scotland boss George Burley as manager.

Although they are still waiting for the Creditors' Voluntary Agreement to be given the thumbs up by creditors at a meeting on Friday, Parish and Long admitted that a move away from the aging Selhurst Park or redevelopment of the main stand is high on their agenda.

"We want to find a way to do something," said 44-year-old Parish.

β€œIn a perfect world we would find a site to move away to and build something purpose built but if we cannot do that then a new main stand at Selhurst Park is a basic requirement.

"We need to get the playing side right and as soon as we've got that we'll start having conversations with various stakeholders on the site and with Croydon Council and John Rouse, who's been fantastic, to decide the things we need to do to take the club into its next 100 years of existence.”

Parish revealed his CPFC2010 consortium did come very close to pulling out of the deal to buy Selhurst Park, which would also have seen their agreement to buy Palace collapse.

"It was very close to there being no Crystal Palace," he admitted.

"We weren't having discussions with Lloyds, we were having discussions with their advisors and that was the problem.

"We weren't prepared to be in a situation where the future of Crystal Palace was prevented by all sorts of caveats on what we could or couldn't do on the ground, even if all we were doing was using the value of the land to invest in the future of this football club.

"As soon as Lloyds really knew the problem and understood it, they unlocked it.

"It did look very much like it wasn't going to be though, and, as the deal sat, we weren't going to do it, it was as simple as that."