IT’S cup final week, for both Chelsea’s men and women – a remarkable achievement for both sides as the club flounders in a sea of uncertainty.

The ownership of the Blues will finally be resolved in the coming days, but not before concerns about the future look of the club, post-Abramovich, has led several players to pack their bags.

For fans, a double helping of Wembley action – the men on Saturday, the women on Sunday – is a welcome distraction.

Will it be the cherry on top, or a celebration cake with a soggy bottom?

Thomas Tuchel and Emma Hayes, the respective men’s and women’s managers, have had excellent seasons despite all the off-field distractions.

And both have carried themselves with dignity and composure, not shying away from the constant barrage of questions about matters they know little about, but facing them and answering them politely.

In years to come, both managers will be hailed as model examples of gaffers in the game, and will be recognised as heroic defenders of their players, and human shields to the pressures that the footballers must be feeling.

Chelsea’s men have the tougher task at Wembley against in-form Liverpool but, as it is always said, it’s simply a single game, and anything can happen.

Chelsea’s women have, perhaps, the greater chance of glory. But a tiredness has crept into their game in recent weeks, and it’s anything but a foregone conclusion.