Crystal Palace will be looking to buy and not sell this January according to manager Roy Hodgson.

In the wake of reports that Chelsea are mulling over a move for Wilfried Zaha, Hodgson was more interested in those coming through the Selhurst Park gates than out of them.

The Eagles sit 10th in the league having enjoyed a positive opening half to the campaign, but with defensive injuries mounting as well as a limited number of attacking options, the manager suggested there will be transfer activity next month.

“We need to add rather than retract,” said Hodgson.

"It’s always possible to lose fringe players, but certainly at the moment, it’s all hands to the pump so the last thing I’m interested in is discussing how I don’t want players.

"A club like ourselves really do need to be on the front foot to take advantage of anything that is going.

“There’s no doubt if you look at squads at the moment in the Premier League there are more gaps that need filling in ours than in most."

With every transfer window there is possibility of losing players, a decision Hodgson admits is out of his hands.

Zaha, who looked destined to leave last summer has already had renewed interest in his signature according to reports.

"The January transfer window is a very fluid time,” Hodgson added.

“I was going to use the word turbulent but that would suggest it’s more sinister than it is.

“There is nothing sinister about it.

"The turbulence is a good turbulence in the sense that things are happening, things are changing, clubs are looking to shuffle the pack, to improve their squads or allow players who aren’t getting many games to go. It’s a very interesting time. 

"I don’t know if you enjoy it or not. You come to terms with it.

"It affects much more the people who are making the financial decisions and the people who are fully concerned with recruitment.

“At the end of the day, it boils down to what the owners of the club can, want and are prepared to do.”