Roy Hodgson was proud of his team as they came back from a two-goal deficit to snatch a point at the Emirates against Arsenal. 

The manager also talked about the influence of VAR after it awarded Crystal Palace a penalty and disallowed a late Arsenal goal.

He said: “I thought today that the character and desire that we have shown is exceptional because Arsenal started very fast. 

“We found ourselves two goals down within 10 minutes and to me that is the stuff in which disasters, football-wise, are made because you don't get back from that and if you’re not careful the score gets aggravated.

“I thought that the way that we got ourselves back into the game and started passing the ball better and even the game out somewhat to score the goal to make it 2-1 (was good) and it gave us the chance then to settle down and to try and mount the challenge we had in the second half.”

He continued: “I am very delighted with the players, I’m delighted with the performance.

"It is not very easy to come to places like the Emirates stadium and play Arsenal...I am very happy today with the point.”


Hodgson also discussed VAR’s involvement in the game. 

He said: “I'm pretty certain in pre-VAR days when his decisions might have stood he would have gone in at half-time and looked at the videos and probably even then said: ‘Whoops! I might have got that wrong.

"I think It was a penalty.’ And then, of course, he goes home this evening, turns the television on and all the pundits who are analysing the game they also say: ‘The referee got it wrong.’

“Luckily the decision got overturned.

"Although I am pretty certain that Martin (Atkinson) is perfectly comfortable with that because it means that his spur of the moment decision turned out to be the wrong one and I’m certain he is man enough to accept that and be glad it got overturned and that the right decision was made.

“Referees make decisions on the spur of the moment, don't they?

"I’ve said on the television.

"I think it was one of the situations where VAR really showed it's true merit because this is one of the best referees in the world, let a loan the Premier League.”

When talking about Arsenal’s third goal which was ruled out by VAR for a Callum Chambers foul Hodgson said:

“I am 95 meters from the event.

"I would have to have eyes like a hawk or an eagle owl or something!

"I don't give myself those qualities of course.

"A lot goes on in the penalty box in those situations but I have seen it now and I do understand why it was disallowed. 

“If I was to be really picky, which I don't want to be. I'm telling you this, but I am not using this as some sort of moan or lament, but (for) the second goal (there) was a clear push on James McArthur for the flick on. 

“We could have actually been sitting here having lost the game 2-0 and saying: ‘We should have had a freekick there and it should have been disallowed.’

"I could also perhaps be complaining bitterly that at the end the referee was relatively kind to Arsenal for allowing the rugby tackle and allowing the player to stay on the field!”

Palace will be hoping to push on into the European spots when they host Leicester next Sunday.