Wayne Hennessey didn't know what a Nazi salute was according to a report released by the FA following an investigation.

The charge which was found not proven relates to a picture posted on Instagram by German team mate Max Meyer on January 5th which seemed to show the Welshman with his right arm in the air and left hand above his mouth.

The Crystal Palace goalkeeper, 32, who continually denied the charge deemed any similarity to the offensive gesture as ‘absolutely coincidental’ and was cleared of the charge earlier this month and will not face any punishment.

Hennessey showed a “lamentable degree of ignorance” about Adolf Hitler and fascism, the report that was released on Tuesday stated.

Your Local Guardian:

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"Mr Hennessey categorically denied that he was giving a Nazi salute.

“Indeed, from the outset he said that he did not even know what one was.

"Improbable as that may seem to those of us of an older generation, we do not reject that assertion as untrue.

“In fact, when cross-examined about this Mr Hennessey displayed a very considerable – one might even say lamentable - degree of ignorance about anything to do with Hitler, fascism and the Nazi regime.

"Regrettable though it may be that anyone should be unaware of such an important part of our own and world history, we do not feel we should therefore find he was not telling the truth about this.

"All we would say (at the risk of sounding patronising) is that Mr Hennessey would be well advised to familiarise himself with events which continue to have great significance to those who live in a free country."

"From the very beginning, he has said that he was simply raising his right arm to attract the attention of the waiter taking the photograph whilst at the same time cupping his left hand around his mouth to make his voice carry as he shouted to the photographer to get on with it."

The charge was unproven after two of a three-man panel believed the image was ‘misinterpreted’ despite a third panel member saying Hennessey making the salute was the “only plausible explanation.”

'Absolutely coincidental'

In a post on January 6, Hennessey said: “I waved and shouted at the person taking the picture to get on with it and at the same time put my hand over my mouth to make the sound carry.

“It’s been brought to my attention that frozen in a moment by the camera this looks like I am making a completely inappropriate type of salute.

“I can assure everyone I would never ever do that and any resemblance to that kind of gesture is absolutely coincidental.

“This was a genuinely innocent moment, which appeared to be something completely different when captured on camera.

“I want to state for the record that I abhor all forms of racism, fascism, anti-semitism or discrimination of any kind.”

The 82-cap Welsh international submitted photographs of him making similar gesture during games to corroborate his story.

The report said the FA were ‘entirely justified’ in bringing the charge forward but rather than giving a Nazi salute, Hennessey “trying to shout at and to catch the attention of the waiter."