This week in our My Club feature we've spoken to Julian Parry of London Welsh.

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League: The Amateur Football Combination (AFC)

Location: Chiswick.

Role at the club:First Team Manager / Second Reserve Keeper / First 5 minute Cameo man if players are late. (AND TOP BANTSMAN BY THE SOUND OF IT)

Who is the longest servant: Gareth Jones our incomparable Club Secretary, who deserves massive credit for being the heart and soul of the club for decades. He is stepping down this year and I can honestly say our club would be nothing without him and he’ll be massively missed.

Number of members: About 50, but the WhatsApp list is probably 100. (FOOTBALL FRIENDS)

Why is your club special: We have a very rich history, being founded in 1890, with Welsh Internationals playing for us in our early years.

Best player you've had? Hubert, he was an Ex-Zimbabwe U-21 International who seldom ran, but didn’t need to.

Now, Dave Lalic is a genius of a player, with a wand of a left foot who scored 12 goals in a season from outside the area, and about one a season from his own half.

We had a load of internationals in the old days who used to play for us. Leigh Roose, who played 24 times for Wales and moved to Stoke, Everton and Arsenal after us.

Worst player you’ve had? My older brother managed the team for a season or two and brought a couple of Brazilians along to a game. One pushed aside our normal free-kick taker and barely reached the wall with his effort at goal. That was his highlight.

Biggest Achievements: We completed the league cup double the season before last, and we played teams two leagues above us for most of the cup run.

Oh and holding Spurs to two draws, but that was 124 years ago, so perhaps we should move on from past nearly-glories.

Most memorable moment: Our striker Troy planting a shot in the top corner with 5 minutes to go to win us the cup final 4-2. I tried taking him off a minute earlier to run down the clock, but he held a one man mutinee. He was 6’4 in every direction, so I let him stay on. (GOOD MAN MANAGEMENT)

Clubs claim to fame: We’re older than Man Utd and drew twice with Spurs…in 1894. Having had 5 Welsh international play for us. (TALK ABOUT LIVING IN THE PAST)

Biggest defeat: Wikipedia says we lost 12-0 against Millwall once. Can’t remember anything close to that bad recently. (CONVIENIENT)

Biggest win: We’re too coy to tell, but if pushed we’ve hit 6 a few times in the last few seasons. (VERY COY)

Aims for the season: Promotion for the 1’s and 2’s.

Biggest rivals: Old Meadonians. Local rivals who are based just over the road and we’ve had some keenly fought tussles recently with the league at stake. There might have been a few cards shown of varying colours. We share a ground with them now.

Why should people come to your clubhouse? The lovely Thames views.

Why are you different: We’ve had games with more Egyptians, South Africans, Portuguese, Zimbabweans and Australians in our team than Welshman in the recent past, but we are a bit more Cymraeg now.

We were once voted the best looking football team in London, although that is definitely on the wane. It was not a large poll either. (FULHAM COMPTON CURRENTLY HOLD THIS TITLE)

Our club in less than 10 words:

Friendly, Charismatic, Humourous, Decent, Determined and relaxed, Open, Elegant Footballers. (AND HUMBLE)