It was always in his locker. That moment that most Liverpool fans were all to aware of. The moment of madness that would ultimately cost his side. And it revealed itself on Monday night at the Vitality Stadium.

For all the ability Mamadou Sakho undoubtedly has, it is his ability to lose his composure at vital times that people associate with the Frenchman.

It has to be said that Sakho has been a colossal figure for Roy Hodsgon’s men since his arrival from Liverpool. Turning the fortunes of a porous defence in to something of a brick wall, with three clean sheets in as many fixtures prior to their trip to Bournemouth.

But, what happened in the 86th minute as Bournemouth sent in a hopeful free kick, only Sakho will know what he was thinking. With Mike Dean less then five yards away he had no hesitation to point to the spot as Sakho raised his elbow towards Jefferson Lerma. In truth, although it wasn’t malicious and more an attempt to block the Colombian, he was lucky not to see red.

Up until that moment, Sakho had a good game. Big, powerful and commanding, he’s forged a good partnership with James Tomkins and they compliment each other well. You have Tomkins who is the straight laced, no nonsense defender.

Then you have Sakho. The character.

There was once a player described as ‘Frank Bruno on ice skates.’ His name was Timothee Atouba of Tottenham Hotspur. He was capable of the sublime, and the sublimely awful. I get the same feeling watching Sakho. One moment he is making unbelievable tackles and interceptions, the other you see steam coming from his ears as he’s completely lost control.

Speaking of steam, judging by his appearance at full time I’m not sure Mr Hodgson would be too pleased by his centre half’s antics that cost his side a valuable point.

Liverpool shelled out £75 million on Virgil van Dijk, a ‘Rolls Royce’ of a defender they say. Sakho, to me has the engine of a Rolls Royce, but sadly it’s been driven by Maureen Rees. If he could cut out the lapses in concentration he could become the defender all Palace fans believe he can be.