Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has questioned Steve Parish for speaking publicly about the club’s relegation plans.

Parish, who succeeded Jordan eight years ago, revealed he is planning for life in the Championship.

And Jordan believes Parish should have kept those thoughts quiet.

He said: “I want to fall on the right side of this, because there's enough easy vitriol for me to heap on this.

“But quite frankly, he is well within his rights being fourth from bottom to think about this.

“What is bloody stupid is to go out and talk about the dynamics of what he's thinking about and letting everybody know, including the players.

“The players don't need any excuses, they are ready to grab any excuse to excuse them from their responsibilities.

"The difficulty of the situation that Palace find themselves in is that if they get relegated, they have one thing to manage - their finances.

“And with due respect this is not a difficult situation for Parish to manage. They have wealthy American investors and owners now that he works for.”