In every walk of life, you’ll always find a scapegoat.

In your office, there will be a scapegoat; the butt of the jokes, always subject to some top quality office #banter, the one who you'll probably find crying by the photocopier at the Christmas do.

In your family, there will be a scapegoat; the black sheep, the one who always gets blamed for broken windows and dropped plates, the one who will kick off if they get the wrong birthday present.

The wrong iPod for example, even if they did explicitly state they wanted a lime green iPod nano, not your run-of-the-mill-back-in-2008 iPod classic, because no, mum and dad, it’s not the same, and yes, I’m still not over it.

Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

In every football team, there is a scapegoat; he will never be able to do anything right in the eyes of most fans.

AFC WIMBLEDON: Dons' lack the "belief and quality" but pick up first point of the season

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He could score a hat-trick at home against Milton Keynes, celebrate by donning a Womble costume and throwing blue and yellow litter at Karl Robinson before chasing Pete Winkleman around the Kingsmeadow car park wearing a Charles Koppel facemask, and some fans would still moan about that mediocre game he had away at Morecambe two seasons ago.

I’m bringing this up because I believe we’ve found our scapegoat for 2016/17, just four games into the season… Sean Kelly, COME ON DOWN!

Yes, poor Sean has been singled out as this season’s scapegoat after a couple of "meh" performances so far.

Many fans, including myself, have been critical of him. Football fans have a thirst for slagging off one of our own, and unfortunately, Sean, this will be you for the next few months.

You’ve had a bit of a ropey start – against Scunthorpe, for example, I couldn’t tell if you were having a bad game or performing a really method tribute to Warren Cummings – but it’s not been disastrous, although this is enough for us to go on.

We will casually ignore the fact you are still young, new to the team and trying to fill the shoes of our Lord and Saviour Jonathan Meades.

We will ignore the fact you actually had quite a good game against Northampton at the weekend.

We will ignore that, Sean, because we love nothing more than taking out our frustrations on a lanky Scottish left-back, for some reason.

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There's always one: Charlie Sheringham is a former Dons scapegoat

You follow in a great line of AFC Wimbledon scapegoats; Andy Bell, Mark Randall, Sam Hatton, Callum McNaughton, Charlie Sheringham and George Francomb to name a few.

Some of them have proved us wrong, as we hope you will, although ultimately there will be fans who harbour an irrational hatred towards you until the end of time.

As discussed above, there’s not really much you, as our new scapegoat, can do to avoid this.

My advice would be: ignore us, because we’re actually a bunch of idiots. You probably know that already to be honest.

Although if you fancy scoring a hat-trick against The Scum and feel like dressing up in a Womble costume, throwing blue and yellow litter at Karl Robinson and then chasing Pete Winkleman around a car park wearing a Charles Koppel facemask, that would not go unappreciated.

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