As I sit here, writing this column, one of my housemates is present and is in an absolute state.

He has just returned from a festival, emotionally and mentally shattered, but trying to promote an image of normality - of still functioning like a regular human being, attempting to engage in conversation.

He’s failing, obviously. He is in no way coherent, the result of being off his nut in a field for four days.

IN PICTURES: Stick with AFC Wimbledon, says Ardley

I feel like he is currently the living human embodiment of AFC Wimbledon.

This may sound like nonsense, but hear me out.

The Dons have had a wonderful time over the past couple of months.

Now though, we’re in League One - battered and exhausted from a short pre-season and three tough opening games.

We’re struggling to cope with having to play football again like a normal football club after basking in the glory of promotion.

Saturday’s match against Bolton typifies this. We had good ideas, saw glimpses of the free-flowing football these players can produce, but…we weren’t fooling anyone.

We’re still not up-to-speed, not quite, and it’s pretty damn obvious we’re playing catch-up on everyone else.

Our attacks fizzled out all too often, defenders lost track of their men, the midfield, usually on point, seemed confused about who was doing what, Lyle Taylor and Tom Elliott were oddly out of sync.

We conceded two very soft goals, and when chasing the game in search of an equaliser resorted to the sort of football that might well work against Stevenage, but not against Bolton.

Bolton, with their big stadium and many seasons of Premier League football and celebrity comedian fans.

Bolton will never be threatened by a harmless, floated diagonal ball into the box from Barry Fuller.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ll get there. We’re not far off by any means – the move for our goal proved that.

But Saturday’s game was the performance of a team who are still shaking off the cobwebs.

AFC Wimbledon are my housemate trying desperately to readjust to normal life after a fair amount of time two-stepping in a field.

It’ll take a little bit of time to get back in the groove, but game by game we’ll get there.

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