Thought this column would never try to mix both AFC Wimbledon and the lyrical stylings of Eminem? THINK AGAIN.

“Snap back to reality, oh, there goes gravity.”

Slim Shady could easily have been referring to the Dons' opening day defeat to Walsall on their League One debut with this line from "Lose Yourself".

Short of dropping him a WhatsApp and finding out - not that he’d respond; he loves giving me the blue ticks and not replying, classic Marshall - I’m pretty sure he definitely was.

Yep, Saturday was a crash back down to Earth for AFC Wimbledon after a summer of wandering round, stupid grins asunder, spontaneously shouting “LEAGUE ONE! Bloody hell!”

We should have known this would happen. The past eight months have gone far too well - we were due a bit of a reality check.

Having grown up nearby, it’s also no surprise that a visit to Walsall has nothing to offer other than disappointment and a stinging sense of bitter regret.

Not that we’ll all be too down about Saturday. Even the most rose-tinted of Wimbledon fans didn’t seriously think we’d walk into League One and roll teams over in the manner of the second half of 2015/16.

And to be honest, an opening day stinger might just be a blessing in disguise.

It lets us know the lay of the land; how much quicker we have to be, how much more we have to concentrate, in the wake of bigger, tougher, more clinical League One teams.

This was our Will Smith in Independence Day moment: a “welcome to League One” punch in the face.

We are the alien getting mullered in the chops by the Fresh Prince, and, you know what?

We’re hurting now, but we’ll learn from this, and be better for it. Cheers, Will.

So we dust ourselves off and go again, firstly against Peterborough in the EFL Cup tonight, and then Bolton – bloody Bolton! – on Saturday.

God, this season is going to be a belter…