A number of South Western Railway (SWR) have been saved after a huge public backlash to the company’s proposed amendments last year.

The rail company held a consultation between September and December last year seeking commuters’ views of the controversial changes which would have seen Whitton removed from fast services at during peak morning times.

SWR also proposed halving stops at Queenstown Road and Clapham Junction during peak times.

Whitton’s fast peak services were retained, with SWR proposing to amend some Reading services to stop there.

SWR originally proposed to remove the Hounslow loop- the direct Waterloo to Weybridge via Hounslow service- but after feedback has continued it.

However, stops at Clapham Junction during the peak times will be reduced, despite public outcry.

Key changes:

Whitton peak fast service provision

SWR planned to remove stops at Whitton from the faster services in the morning peak

Public response: Please do not take away the faster services in the peak from Whitton

SWR response: “We aim to ensure three faster peak morning services and three peak evening services calling at Whitton station.

“This is in addition to the half-hourly Windsor service that will also call. We will maintain the three fast services from Whitton in the morning peak. In the evening peak the three fast services are in addition to those provided today.”

Clapham Junction

SWR proposed to reduce the number of stops at the station en route to Waterloo by two overall during morning peak times. Stops would be halved from six to three from 7am to 8am, with an additional stop from 8am to 9am.

Public response: Please provide more stops at Clapham Junction not fewer

SWR response: “We received hundreds of emails from customers that seek more, not less, Clapham Junction calls during the peak hours.

“We are aware that the ability to interchange at this station is used by many, however we maintain that the benefits to the majority of passengers is to provide the extra overall capacity and faster journeys to and from Waterloo by not stopping as many services at Clapham Junction in the peaks.

“By reducing the number of services calling at Clapham Junction in the peaks, we are able to tackle some of the key issues passengers raise, including that of overcrowding.”

Hounslow loop

SWR proposed to remove the Waterloo to Weybridge via Hounslow service.

Public response: Reconsider the change

SWR response: “We are amending our proposals to restore an all-day service from Weybridge via Hounslow loop.

“We recognise that this service is relied upon for commutes to some major employers and schools on the route and have therefore proposed to reinstate the service to call at all-stations from Waterloo to Weybridge via Hounslow.

“This will operate at 30 minute intervals all-day with similar first and last services as the December 2017 timetable.

“This change does however come at the expense of two of the proposed four per hour Waterloo to Windsor services during off-peak hours.

Queenstown Road

SWR proposed to cut eight stops to four at Queenstown Road.

Public response: Please do not cut the service to Queenstown Road

Response: “We have altered the plans to retain the eight services per hour to Queenstown Road.

“Following consultation and discussions with MPs it is clear that the development in the area warrants retention of the public transport support that SWR can offer so we propose to retain eight services per hour.”

Sunnymeads and Wraysbury to Richmond connectivity

SWR initially planned to move the existing Wraysbury and Sunnymeads calls from the Waterloo to Windsor via Richmond service into the proposed Waterloo to Windsor via Hounslow service.

Public response: Please restore the Wraysbury and Sunnymeads calls in the Windsor via Hounslow services to allow direct services to Richmond and Twickenham

SWR response: “We plan to amend the Windsor to Waterloo services to ensure that there is a via Richmond option.

“A clear message was received at local events and via the consultation that our initial plan…should be challenged.

“Many felt that forcing a change for passengers going to Richmond or Twickenham was not acceptable and we have therefore amended the Windsor to Waterloo service to ensure that the current stopping pattern via Richmond is maintained.

“This however means that our journey time improvements on the Windsor via Richmond route are reduced from that consulted upon.”