A Wimbledon man has challenged police to a boxing match after he claims they were 'overzealous' while responding to a call at his house.

Author Shaun Buchanan, 37, demanded the male officers that attended reports of a domestic dispute on February 17 take him on in a white collar boxing match, with proceeds going to a charity of his choosing.

Mr Buchanan has filed a complaint against four officers who attended his house following a domestic dispute between himself and his partner of 10 years.

Police were called to Durnsford Road after reports of a man and woman 'screaming at each other and that they were becoming more and more heated'.

A Met Police spokesman added: "Police were also informed that a young child was at the location."

No crime was disclosed and police recorded the incident as 'non-crime domestic incident'.

But Mr Buchanan alleges there are inaccuracies in the police report, which he said incorrectly states he withheld his son's details and did not give access to his son.

He claims there was no threatening behaviour in his argument, which he said did not involve his son. He also said that police mistook his name with his son's in their report.

The involvement of other agencies also cause embarassment, he said.

Mr Buchanan said: "The social worker contacted my son’s mother saying she had to do a short interview over the phone and contact my son’s nursery - that caused her so much distress.

“The checks came back with no cause of concern or any safeguarding issues."

As well as demanding a formal apology and records to be expunged, Mr Buchanan wants to challenge all the male offices who attended to a white collar boxing match.

He said: “I believe it is a good way to maintain social justice and social cohesion. Involving something that works off the disgruntlement and ill will for those who have been treated unfairly.

“It is also a good way to help fund third sector charities and not for profit organisations.”

A spokeswoman from Met Police said: “Officers were called at 08.13hrs on Saturday, 17 February to an address in Durnsford Road, SW19.

“A member of the public had informed police they could hear a man and woman screaming at each other and that they were becoming more and more heated.

“Police were also informed that a young child was at the location.

“Officers attended the scene.

“No criminal offences were disclosed as a standard procedure, the incident was recorded as a non-crime domestic incident.

“As a child was present, a safeguarding report was compiled for the information of partner agencies.

“A person subsequently contacted police about the information recorded regarding the incident and a formal complaint has been made.

“This is currently being reviewed by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards.”