Organisers have pulled the plug on one of London's largest free outdoor events, saying it is 'no longer financially viable'.

Wimbledon Guild's Village Fair has been a fixture in south London's social calendar - attracting around 35,000 people to the Common every June - but this year The Wimbledon Guild said it cannot continue to organise it.

The Guild's head of communications Mark Williams said sponsors, stallholders and key stakeholders were informed of the decision in October.

He said: "It is with great sadness that the Wimbledon Guild has decided that it will no longer be organising the annual Wimbledon Guild Village Fair.

“It has been an extremely hard decision to make but it follows an extensive business review of the event.

Despite the Fair's popularity, income has not kept pace with operating costs which have been rising year on year and the Guild has reluctantly concluded that it is no longer financially viable for the charity to continue to underwrite the financial risks of putting on the event.

“The Wimbledon Guild would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the Fair over the last 25 years as their support has been invaluable to its success."

Mr Williams added: "As Wimbledon's leading local charity we are committed to supporting local people with our many services. We are planning a new programme of fundraising activities and we look forward to sharing details of these with you in due course.”

A former Merton Councillor has written to the council and businesses to save the fair.

Peter Walker said: "This is huge news for restaurants and communities and the 35,000 people that come to this free event.

“I don’t want to see it die a death.

“I have written to all organisations, deputy mayor, local councillors to try and save this event."

He added: “Wimbledon Common is great to have events and the Wimbledon Fair has been a big part of that, the fair gives a platform to schools, businesses and the community.”