A Croydon-based graphic artist has been selected to retell the London 2012 Olympics through a new project.

PINS was chosen to be part of BT Art of Sport Project, an initiative launched to showcase the artist's works inspired by the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In the run up to the Games the artwork which is made up of photographs, paintings and sculptures, have featured at various galleries across the country.

There will be an official unveiling of the collection at the Clarendon Gallery, Mayfair on June 25.

Pins, whose name was formed by his philosophy Progress, Inspire, Network and Succeed under your own terms, has an insatiable desire for all things sweet.

The 28-year-old illustrates his love of footwear and passion for food through his work which mixes the bold with the surreal.

Influenced by the likes of Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, the artist said it has been a unique experience seeing his work displayed.

He said: "It's been amazing, it is my first time exhibiting my work and it was great to produce work inspired by the Olympics and show what it means to us.

"I got selected for the project through my website, they saw my work and I got a message asking whether I wanted to be a part of it.

"Twelve artists got selected by BT and we are all so different in our mediums, what we use and our art practices."

Pins, who credits his worth ethic to his mum, also delivers creative workshops in schools and youth centres.

He added: "You know when you like something so much and you go further than the other person? I'm that guy. I collect trainers and have a sweet tooth so I sort of mash it up together.

"When I run my workshops I try to get people thinking differently, outside of the box. I am trying to get a new way of thinking out there."

For more information on Pins work visit pinspired.com