A man is accused of exposing himself to young girls on their way to school, a court heard.

Viktor Kovacs, 31, was seen in a parked car near to two schools in Carshalton allegedly performing a sex act as girls walked past his open car window.

This morning, (July 10) Mr Kovacs defence lawyer Paul Andrews argued his client was simply relieving himself into a bottle.

Mr Kovacs denies the charge of outraging public indecency.

Three witnesses, now aged 16 but who were 15 at the time, appeared in court behind screens to protect their identity.

All three witnesses told the jury how they had seen Mr Kovacs masturbating on September 16 last year as girls walked past his car and parents took their youngsters to school at 8.15am.

One witness, who can not be named for legal reasons, told the court how Mr Kovacs had tried to get her attention as he pleasured himself.

She told the court: "I walked past the car and heard someone blow a raspberry type noise so I turned around.

"I looked at him and he smiled at me and looked down. I looked down and I saw what he was doing. I couldn't believe it."

The witness then told the court how she ran off to get her friends so they could see for themselves.

She said: "We walked past the car again and he was still at it."

All three witnesses rejected the defence argument he was urinating into a bottle.

"There was no bottle," said one prosecution witness.

Another witness said she felt compelled to warn parents walking their children to school.

She said: "My main concern was for the mums and their children so I told them."

The witnesses managed to take down the registration number for the car which police traced to Mr Kovacs, of Walton on Thames.

The trial continues.

UPDATE The jury in the trial were discharged this morning (July 11)after the defendant had a problem with his interpreter. The trial is due to start again on August 28.