Millions of pounds of budget cuts were agreed by Sutton Council amid angry protests.

Protestors from the GMB union heckled councillors as they arrived at the Civic Offices on Monday to agree £13.8m of cuts to its 2011-12 budget.

There was heightened scurity after recent problems with protestors at council budget meetings in Lambeth and Camden.

The protestors were joined by carers from Ludlow Lodge, who are among the 200 council employees earmarked to lose their jobs in this year's cuts.

At the meeting, council leader Sean Brennan described the package of measures as the “most difficult budget yet” but said the council was committed to reducing its costs in the “fairest possible way”.

He said: "We’re doing everything we can to protect our frontline services by cutting out waste, using our buying power, reducing our staffing costs and delivering on major developments.

"However, while some councils are closing their libraries, we intend to keep our main libraries open and while some councils are stopping weekly bin collections, we will always have some form of weekly waste collection."

Opposition councillors warned the council needed to "radically change its culture" to make the budget work, cutting out overspends that had plagued projects and departments.

The budget has already seen Oakleigh care home for dementias sufferers earmarked for closure, along with a 22 bed respite ward at Ludlow Lodge.

Further cuts to services, including libraries, are expected to be announced in the coming months.

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