A petition opposing the closure of a popular mobile library service has been submitted to Sutton Council.

The 130 signature petition from library campaigners was in response to fears the service could be axed as part of £935,000 cuts to the £6m annual libraries and heritage budget.

The service sees a vehicle containing some 2500 books, DVDs and talking books visit more than 50 locations in the borough each week.

It is popular with elderly residents, those with disabilities, and young children who find it difficult to visit the borough's libraries.

While the council has said it has no plans to make cuts to the service, it has not ruled it out.

Belmont pensioner Danny Hurley, 75, who signed the petiion said: "We know staff are worried the service will go too."

Councillor Ruth Dombey, Sutton Council's deputy leader, said: “Decisions have not yet been made on how savings will be secured within the library service because the review has not yet been completed.

"However, I can guarantee that vulnerable residents who are unable to get to library buildings will always be provided with easy access to books and the other library services they value.”