A Cheam girl who cares for her disabled family has made it to the final of ITV's carer of the year.

Genefer Jane Sales, nine, from Churchill Road, was described by her father Mike as the "healthy one" in the family.

Her brother, Tom, 11, has Asperger's syndrome and is on the special needs register.

Despite being of above average intelligence, it finds it difficult to communicate, form social relationships and play creatively.

Her mother Jane is severely disabled with a raft of illnesses including severe osteo-arthritis, while Mike is in remission from throat and neck cancer, as well as having Asperger's himself.

The damage to Mike's lungs means he is often out of breath and tires easily, and he is still under the care of the Royal Marsden hospital.

He nominated Genefer to thank her for her help. He said: "This award is all about Genefer - she is the healthy one out of us and helps so much.

"While sometimes we get tired, she has lots of energy and we couldn't do it without her."

Genefer's average day sees her help her mother cook an evening meal, put the washing on, make beds, tidy the house and make sure her brother is up and ready for school.

But the bubbly youngster, a member of Sutton Young Carers, denied she was missing out on a normal childhood.

"I like helping my family," she said.

"And I still get time to go to my dance classes every week."

She said she was excited about being nominated and a little scared, but was looking forward to seeing herself on TV.

Genefer will be featured on ITV's London Tonight programme on Thursday, September 20.

Viewers will be able to vote for the winner.

The overall winner will receive £1,000 and be presented with an award at the Daily Mirror's Pride of Britain awards later in the year.