Digital marketing can be a minefield for business owners.

Not only is there the struggle to find time while juggling dozens of other tasks, there are the extra challenges of understanding it, from not knowing who to target in your marketing to not being able to keep up with trends and technology.

Here are five signs that it could be time to outsource it to an expert digital marketing company such as us at Newsquest, which publishes this newspaper as well as the paper’s website and social media.

You’re not sure how you look across the web

There are so many places potential customers can find you online - search engines, social media sites, listings, apps on their phones, and more. It’s nearly impossible to know how you look in all those places yourself. Luckily, a digital marketing company can assist you in getting on top of all this and help you establish a presence where it counts.

You don’t know where to focus your marketing

With so many different channels and places to advertise, it can be hard to know where to start. And, you also don’t want to spend your full marketing budget on one tactic. A digital marketing company can help you determine the right marketing mix for your business.

You’re not getting leads from your marketing

Driving clicks and increased brand awareness for your business are both valuable results of a marketing strategy, but if you’re not seeing actual leads then that’s a problem. Leads – like calls, emails, chats, and form fills – are how you’re able to grow your business. A digital marketing company can help optimise your marketing so you’re capturing those vital leads.

You’re unsure how to measure your results

There are so many different metrics to look at across different channels and campaigns, and it can be hard to understand what the numbers truly mean and their impact on your business. A digital marketing company can help you to understand where your marketing pounds are going.

You’re overwhelmed by the constant changes in digital

Technology and the digital landscape are constantly changing. For example, voice search has exploded over the last few years. A digital marketing company will stay on top of the latest technology updates and trends, so you don’t have to worry.

As a local business owner, you probably struggle with having too many things on your plate. Let a digital marketing company take some of the weight and help you get on the path to marketing success.

Our specialists are ready and waiting to give you all the advice you need on the various digital media and marketing options available that can take you to the next level with growing your business and reaching potential new customers.

For more information contact Jennie McPherson for south-east London and north Kent (News Shopper) on 07850 262 837 or Emma Sallabanks for south-west London (south London Guardian, Surrey Comet, Richmond & Twickenham Times) on 0208 722 6452.