Two days before Christmas, as his one-year-old granddaughter held his arm, Carl O’Brien died in hospital from blunt head trauma.

One year on - his daughter and the police are pleading for anyone with information to help the father-of-two get justice.

Carl, who was 55, was attacked on December 3 last year in a stairwell of flats at 12 Vanguard Way in Wallington before passing away three weeks later.

A £20,000 reward has been offered to anyone with information that leads to prosecution.

Laura O’Brien, Carl’s daughter, spoke to Sutton Guardian about her late father.

“My middle name is Chelsea, thankfully not my first,” Laura laughed as she explained Carl's love for football.

“My football knowledge is limited but I know that he went somewhere and the barman, who was 18 or 19, couldn’t afford a ticket to the game so my dad bought him a ticket as the tip.

“He was very kind and never wanted anything in return.”

At a Chelsea vs Hull City game last year a round of applause sounded around Stamford Bridge in the 55th minute to celebrate Carl's life.

Laura recalled: "It was amazing. This has been something horrific but there has been such kindness that people have shown as well.

"A massive banner for my dad was held and he was mentioned on Match of the Day."

Some of Laura’s fondest memories of her dad are seeing him bond with her baby daughter - who he waited 19 hours in hospital to meet as Laura was in labour.

She said: “Two days before he was attacked, I was in work and my dad came over and she was in her high chair.

“As soon as she saw him she was kicking her legs and was so excited. He was texting me photos of her. It just makes me laugh. He was six ft four and he was walking around with this bright pink pushchair.

“I remember texting him that night saying I can’t believe how she reacted to seeing you.”

Another of Carl’s passions was rock music.

Laura was taught to headbang from a young age (much to her mum’s displease) and remembers going to gigs with him and her brother.

“He loved his music and as a teenager I stole a lot of his CDs because he had some great classics. He thought it was really important to have a t-shirt for every gig.

“He even has some from the 70s.”

Speaking about his death, Laura said: “Emotionally it is so surreal. I don’t understand that someone who was so full of life is no longer here.

“This was a senseless attack. It shouldn’t have happened. If anyone has any information it could make such a difference.

“We are going to keep trying to get justice for dad.

“I feel gutted he is not here to experience my daughter’s milestones. He was happy with his life. He should be here. When my daughter took her first footsteps and got her awful first haircut, those are things he would have loved.”