“It gives you an extra hour in the day,” the new borough commander told Sutton Guardian when pressed about being in the 5am club.

Robyn Williams, who joined Sutton Police on September 11, added: “It is that moment when most people are not around so you can check your phone, check your emails and just get ahead of the day.

“So you are poised and also it gives me a chance to do my green juice and either go for a run or do one of my YouTube fitness videos.

“My colleagues laugh at me,” Ms Williams said about her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Ms Williams grew up in Nottingham but stressed that London is her home, having worked with the Metropolitan Police since 2008.

Speaking about her new role, she commented: “Sutton is unlike many of the urban more central locations that I worked at in my policing career.

“It has all the characteristics of any area that I have policed.

“Sutton is still one of the safest boroughs in London. We have the highest levels of confidence and satisfaction here at Sutton and I see my role as preserving that.”

Leading a sporty lifestyle is inextricably linked with being efficient in her job, according to Ms Williams, who is a former national police sprint champion and a national netball police champion.

On the weekends the borough commander often does 10k runs, gym boxing and some dance.

She expanded: “People need to take time just to be still and be poised. London life can be very noisy and it is wonderful to be in a space sometimes where the silence almost screams at you.”

Priorities for Ms Williams include partnerships within Sutton to prevent crime and also to use technology to be as efficient as possible.

She said that 50 per cent of all crime is now technology enabled.

Before taking the Sutton job Ms Williams was part of the command team that managed the response to the Grenfell Tower fire.

She recalled: “It has been one of the most emotionally charged and challenging experiences of my life but I have seen and had the privilege to share space with some of the most extraordinary individuals and communities.

“Just extraordinary given the catastrophic nature of what they have been through.”

Sitting now as borough commander, after having previously worked in Lambeth and Hendon, she believes Sutton is different to how it was described to her.

She explained: “Everyone says it is quiet but I think it would be remissive to not be poised and ready for something that may occur that people often thinks happens in other boroughs to happen here.

“We do have some violent crime here. We do have our share of burglaries.

“There is a high incidents of domestic abuse in Sutton and I sit on the domestic abuse transformation board so with our partners and Ruth Dombey there is an activism to raise awareness to support but also to deal with those who commit some of those crimes.

“I’m here to protect Sutton having the title of being the safest borough and having the highest levels of satisfaction. But I think we can be much more than that.”