Carshalton High School for Girls has been inspected for the first time in three years and the published results are unanimously positive.

Ofsted inspected the school at the start of this month where 49 lessons were observed across two days.

The school has been judged ‘Good’ in all categories with the report complimenting the personal development of pupils.

“Pupils develop into confident, mature and articulate young people who have high aspirations and want to succeed. They appreciate all the help and support they receive," the report stated.

Speaking about the report, Headteacher Vivien Jones told Sutton Guardian: “As a school, we are delighted with the report. It has so many positive comments and has recognised the many strengths of the school.

“For Ofsted to conclude and write as its first line of the report that ‘the school is a happy and safe community where pupils do well and staff are proud to work’ sums up everything a Headteacher would want their school to be.

"I am immensely proud of the findings and staff and students are thrilled."

Ofsted also remarked that staff morale was high.

They added: “Staff are proud to work at the school, and feel that leaders support them in a variety of ways. These include providing training to meet their individual needs.

“Newly qualified teachers value the high-quality training and support they receive.”

Meetings were held with staff and pupils of all year groups and Ofsted examined 77 questionnaire comments from parents.

Ofsted encouraged Carshalton High School for Girls to use more questioning and feedback methods so pupils continue to make rapid progress.