Thousands of visitors descended on Bushy Park to join in the fun and soak up the sunny weather at the historic Chestnut Sunday celebration.

More than 10,000 people enjoyed the displays, rides and stalls on Sunday, May 13.

Spectators lined the streets to watch a parade along Chestnut Avenue, which started at Teddington gate at 12.30pm.

The colourful characters who took part included members of a historical re-enactment group and a military vehicle display team.

Bill Swan, assistant manager of Bushy Park, said: “It was very well attended, the good weather brought out slightly better numbers than last year – I was thrilled.

“The event as a whole was a terrific success, everyone who took part in it showed themselves to the best and it showed off the park beautifully. It was a really enjoyable day.” A display team of dancing horses, based at the Royal Mews, in Hampton Court Road, wowed the crowds with a spectacular show in the arena.

Eight riders from the Horse Rangers Association Musical Ride performed choreographed formations.

The association’s band also took part in the procession and volunteers raised money for its squadrons, helping members with special needs.

Children enjoyed a traditional fairground carousel and Teddington’s Park Lane Stables put on pony rides.

A classic cars display team impressed the fathers, while wildlife enthusiasts learned about the park’s history in a series of displays.

Performers dressed as ancient Greeks and Vikings and soldiers from the English Civil War and the First World War carried out historical re-enactments, while a band provided the musical entertainment with hits from the 1960s and 70s.

Many charities including Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion attended and were able to raise money for good causes.

Mr Swan said more than 30 organisations from the area took part in the event and thanked them for making it a special day.